Monday, 8 August 2011

Manga - The World God Only Knows

First of all I apologise for going as long as I have without making any posts, I wish I could say I was caught up doing something productive but realistically I've just been slacking off.

One manga I have been reading lately is The World God Only Knows.

So you may have experience with the anime version of TWGOK which currently has two seasons aired. The manga (and anime of course) is about a boy who is known as the king of capturing girls, in games of course. He is roped into helping hell capture real girls. That's a pretty simple synopsis so you'll have to read it (or watch it) to understand.

However, what I want to talk about here is the manga, there are currently 153 chapters released in 11 volumes. After I watched the anime for this I was hesitant to read the manga because I thought I'd be just reading the same stuff, to be honest, I was pretty much right. It seemed to me however that the anime actually went into more detail than the manga on each characters ark. The main thing that is very good about the manga though is once it surpasses what the anime has done so far. After that point it seemed to me that it got incredibly awesome and full of actual plot.

The whole plot element of goddesses is added to the manga and suddenly everything is pretty amazing. In my opinion this manga is getting pretty entertaining and you should check it out. If you've seen the anime then just skim read through the volumes, it's hard to say where to start because the transition between end of series 2 and what's new is somewhat blurred.

I suppose that's enough for now, I'll be posting about more manga I've read lately soon, if I can motivate myself to do so that is.