Saturday, 28 May 2011

Best anime this season - Part 1

2011 spring, an excellent season for anime with many great shows to watch. Honestly I find it somewhat hard to choose some of the best out of the 21 shows I am watching this season.

The 'must watch' anime

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.

AnoHana is about a group of childhood friend who as growing up and after the tragic incident of Menma's death as a child have drifted apart. The main character Jintan has secluded himself to the life of a hikikomori after these events of his childhood and the death of his mother, his father is helpless in the situation and believes he should choose his own path. The dead Menma appears in front of Jintan often and wants him to grant him her wish. The show is about bringing together childhood friends and how people change over time. This anime is rather depressing and is done really well, I love depressing anime and this show is terrific. The show is being fansubbed by Doki here.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lollipop Eater X - A challenge to Touhou players

Pop returns to his home planet and is sent on one last mission...
a mission that could determine the fate of his entire race...
Join Pop in his quest to save the galaxy! In this shoot 'em up massacre, you'll encounter thousands of enemies to fight off in an attempt to uncover the evil force bombarding the universe!
This game, Lollipop Eater X is a "simple" side scrolling shooter created by DSX. I put simple in quotation marks because while the game is somewhat buggy and pretty simple in theory, the game is actually incredibly well planned and executed, it's also FUCKING HARD!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A birthday shoutout, online friends & making music.

Happy Birthday Brendan Hodkinson!
Hope you have a good one ;)

Online friends
Many people will say that the friends you make online are not real friends, that you should never meet you, they might rape you or something, etc. However, I have one specific friend, living on the other side of the country, who is a terrific mate.
I met him first in a small game I used to play Urban Terror something like 3 years ago probably. Come to think of it, I actually made lots of friends I'm still in contact with in Urban Terror, the community in that game was honestly terrific.
Presently Brendan is a great friend who always plays games with me, we mostly play BC2 and Minecraft but we have shared experiences in many games.
Thus I have to say, it is possible to find a true friend online.

Making music
Brendan is into doing mixes and for my birthday this month, he created a brifdehdubstepsurprize just for me. I felt honored so I decided I'd make one back for him. (Realising it would be shitty being my first time)

This is Brendan's mix that he made here:

And this is the mix that I made, Brendan Burfdeh Mix

Happy Birthday Chuck by claude-smith

About my mix: I'm aware that the mix I made here is probably horrible but whatever, I gave it a shot right?
So the main thing that may be interesting in what I did with this mix is that I ripped audio from some anime and movies to create samples which I used in the mix.

Please remember this is my first mix, I'm not claiming it's good or anything, I wouldn't release this to the public if it wasn't for Brendan's birthday.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Parasyte (Kiseijuu) - Manga

So recently I've been trying to read some more manga and thus, the other day I finished the terrific manga Parasyte aka Kiseijuu. This is a manga I will strongly recommend to anybody who likes their manga a bit meaningful and deep. It is only 10 volumes (64 Chapters). The manga is classified as a horror but, while it's a bit creepy, I found it more paranormal than horror.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ultimate Soundtr/a/ck

The Ultimate Soundtr/a/ck is something I discovered only a few months ago even though the whole project started around mid 2008. This 'Ultimate Soundtr/a/ck' is a large group of soundtracks with anime songs such as openings, fight battles, endings etc. As far as I am aware, this is the most comprehensive and best collection of such songs. This is because they are selected songs that are good or memorable, much better than getting an OST filled with songs you don't remember and instrumentals you don't care for.