Sunday, 12 June 2011

To Love-Ru - Manga

So it's been exam week and I haven't been making any posts lately so, for that I apologise and in return I bring you a review on a manga I read a while back, To Love-ru.

Quite simply To Love-ru is an ecchi filled romance with some complexities and makes quite an entertaining read either for the ecchi or for the complex romance. 
Length: 162 chapters in 18 volumes (yet a surprisingly fast read)
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Ecchi, Sci-Fi, Harem, School

So the main character Rito Yuuki who from the beginning is in love with Sairenji Haruna a classmate. Then suddenly a princess from the planet Deviluke, Lala, appears naked in his bathtub. This is where the story begins and when you look past all the ecchi it actually becomes a pretty interesting story of Haruna and Lala competing for Yuuki's love. More characters are added To Yuuki's harem over the chapters and he always manages to get himself in sexual predicaments with them (classic). Oh yeah there's some more plot elements too but I'll leave them for you to find yourself if you end up reading it

Ending (no spoilers)
The ending of this series pissed me off, the lead up to the ending was terrific but the conclusion to the love triangle (probably more like a bloody hexagon) was just lame. I personally didn't know which girl I wanted Yuuki to end up with, some of my favorite characters were the type who had no chance of being the final girl for Yuuki but somehow that felt fine, the competition between Lala and Haruna was complicated enough with them both wanted to best for the other as well as themselves. I may have preferred Haruna as a character to Lala but the relationships were well constructed and I still could not decide on who to ship. Thus I found myself wanting the manga to make a decision for me... It didn't.

Some pictures
I actually found it kinda hard to find some good pages to share here, oh well.

Plenty to appeal to a siscon too :$

Yes, there's more characters but I'm having a lapse of ability to find any good pages, sorry.

It's hard to rate a manga like this because it's stupid and merely fanservice on the top but beneath all that there's a bit of seriousness. However the nonending sucked and I think I'll give it.
(remembering that I'm easily pleased and specifically like the romance comedy genre)


  1. I've never read this manga, good story though it seems.

  2. The ending was disappointing, but I was okay with it because I'm pretty sure he would have never ended up with Mikan.

  3. I love the way you put that Cpt.Awesome, so true.

  4. I used to love this. It was full of potential, but as it progressed it degenerated into another typical harem with no plot whatsoever.

  5. I could never get into this series.

  6. 7/10 is generous rating

  7. I'm not into romance comedies but it looks alright

  8. never heard of this maybe ill check it out

  9. Heh heh. I still have yet to get into this series. But I heard it was really good.

  10. the comics (manga) looks cool

  11. i've never read it , but it looks really nice

  12. really good read, I enjoyed it too

  13. Im more into anime than manga really.
    But you have some interesting views. I followed

  14. Thanks for the referral, loved it <3