Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dragon Ball - Manga

Dragon ball, an anime or manga that I'm sure everybody has heard of, finally I got around to reading it myself. Prior to my reading I had a very limited experience with Dragon Ball, the anime dubbed in mornings while I was young, I never watched it, it scared me, particularly seeing the only parts I had seen where Piccolo growing back an arm and Boo being Boo. So I decided that I'd read the manga and gee, I'm very glad I did.

42 Volumes, 520 Chapters (A long but constantly gratifying read)
Action, Comedy, Shounen, Adventure

The manga begins modestly with little Goku being found by Bulma and he aids her in her quest to find all the dragon balls. The dragon balls which can summon the dragon Shenlong once all are summoned and he can grant any three wishes within his power. Even though it begins modestly, the scale grows exponentially as does their powerlevels.

Goku and his friends all train hard and come across many villains along their travels, normally related to the gathering of the dragon balls.

~Stuff happens~ (Very entertaining stuff, but so much that I can't really write about it all)

The main characters meet more and more powerful villains along their way and they often have to train to surpass their previous limits and defeat the enemy. While this is repeated a lot I never got tired of it somehow, before reading Dragon Ball I thought the exponential power and constant training would be bad but somehow I enjoyed it.

The manga spans over the two anime airings Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and throughout that you get to see Goku go from a young boy to a man with two sons and then to the children of those children. It's truly expansive and you feel attached to the group having spent so much time with them.

I can't really say much about this manga other than to give it a read and that it's great. I'm kind of glad I missed out on this in my younger years because reading it like this now was so enjoyable. Thus I won't call this one a review but just a simple recommendation. 9/10 (I never feel comfortable giving 10's)

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  1. I would've given it a 10, Dragon Ball is really one of the best series out there.
    But yeah, read the manga and watched the anime. So much win.

  2. Dragonball is the best anime/mange i've ever read/watched!
    Unfortunately doesnt Akira toriyama continue the series :(

  3. At least every fight didn't need 200 episodes in the manga. DBZ anime is such a classic, but it's too slow paced.

  4. Yeah I've read dragon ball before, it's way easier to read then to sit through the episodes, because they span it out.

  5. Never a fan of the cartoon, but the manga seemed solid.

  6. Dragon Ball was my first manga and still is the best one I've read.

    >and Boo being Boo

    He's probably my favorite villain, along with the other DBZ villains.

  7. Whoa you only read it just now? I'm surprised.

    I'd love to recommend you more classic mangos similar to DBA.

  8. Haha yeah, the length always put me off in the past when I didn't read manga much. I would love for you to recommend some classics.

  9. i love pokemon. otaku dont sound familiar :D

  10. It's very well known, but it passed me by, so I'll see if I can read it in the future.