Sunday, 15 January 2012

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

[Commie] Senki Zesshou Symphogear - 01

"Humans have been menaced by mysterious monsters called "Designated Aberrant Disaster: Noise". Tsubasa and Kanade are a popular vocal unit "Zwei Wing". They wear the new weapon "Symphogear" and fight against Noise to save the earth."

Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Dec 26, 2011 to ?
Producers: Satelight, Encourage Films
Genres: Action, Music, Sci-Fi
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: R - 17) (violence & profanity)

This show started out okay, then with this scene it quickly seemed kinda shit, something about the voice and possibly forced drama if you want to go that far.

Well shit, suddenly the girl being mourned for is alive, now there's the whole element of, we know she's going to die oh shit.

Great character design there...

And then it's a fucking concert and the blue girl's character is completely different. Costumes are pretty nice though and I suppose the song and dance was pretty good, I wasn't really analyzing it tbh.

And then holy fuck, the stage/building for this concert is actually pretty fucking amazing.

There's some bullshit science going on behind the scenes of this concert, the entire thing doesn't make any sense yet but seems like energy is being used from the concert or some shit.

Then suddenly shit hits the fan and there's fucking explosions everywhere.

Also there's aliens, or some kind of weird fucking enemies called noise which suddenly start attacking (from the sky, after the explosions on the ground [are these events even related?])

People die, like fucking brutally. This is all completely unexpected and sudden.

Did I say they died fucking brutally? These enemies are just slaughtering people, no idea why (yet)

As expected, transformation scene. The singers go through a pretty generic transformation scene (although for some reason you only see one of them) ooh flashy colours and suddenly they're in battle mode.

Slashing the noise with oversized weapons WHILE singing. It seems that singing is their source of power.

Then there's these, special attack scenes in generic cartoon style. The style change is pretty abrupt but it's only for a single still image and I suppose it's kinda cool. One after the fucking other.

Shit what's this, is this the fated death of that chick, we knew this would happen! Nah, with some bullshit she survives this, the famous singer lady decides to save this one chick who was too dumb to run away, yeah alright whatever.

Noo Kanade! If you sing that song shit will happen and you will die, somehow.
Looks like their powers are tied into what songs they sing, and this one must be a powerful one outside of her ability, so she uses it, killing herself and all the noise, I suppose this scene was kinda cool.

This show really likes it's timeskipping. Suddenly the blue chick is fighting more of the noise which the army can't damage at all, go figure.

Also she's a high school student, at the same school as the main character(?). This just keeps getting better doesn't it...

Suddenly the noise are in the city and the mc is running away from them, pulling along a small child who came from no-fucking-where.

Oh shit holy fuck somehow she knows some song that gives her some kind of power, which she only just decided to use, which- Wait, how the fuck does she know how to do this? And then she's in agony for a while and things start to get cool. Meanwhile people in a lab somewhere recognise the signal or whatever she lets off and start to shout in exclamation some name I can't remember. Also, looks like she doesn't need to wear the symphogear suits or whatever mentioned in the synopsis, whatever this will probably be explained later.

And then the fuck yes moment, this scene is actually pretty awesome and suddenly this show seems damn watchable.


  1. Looks colorful, I might have to check it out

  2. didn't read your review because spoilers but I'm adding this to my list of anime to watch. Thank you!