Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A birthday shoutout, online friends & making music.

Happy Birthday Brendan Hodkinson!
Hope you have a good one ;)

Online friends
Many people will say that the friends you make online are not real friends, that you should never meet you, they might rape you or something, etc. However, I have one specific friend, living on the other side of the country, who is a terrific mate.
I met him first in a small game I used to play Urban Terror something like 3 years ago probably. Come to think of it, I actually made lots of friends I'm still in contact with in Urban Terror, the community in that game was honestly terrific.
Presently Brendan is a great friend who always plays games with me, we mostly play BC2 and Minecraft but we have shared experiences in many games.
Thus I have to say, it is possible to find a true friend online.

Making music
Brendan is into doing mixes and for my birthday this month, he created a brifdehdubstepsurprize just for me. I felt honored so I decided I'd make one back for him. (Realising it would be shitty being my first time)

This is Brendan's mix that he made here:

And this is the mix that I made, Brendan Burfdeh Mix

Happy Birthday Chuck by claude-smith


About my mix: I'm aware that the mix I made here is probably horrible but whatever, I gave it a shot right?
So the main thing that may be interesting in what I did with this mix is that I ripped audio from some anime and movies to create samples which I used in the mix.

Please remember this is my first mix, I'm not claiming it's good or anything, I wouldn't release this to the public if it wasn't for Brendan's birthday.


  1. I'm in favor of makeing friends even if you have to MAKE them. with your mind, or with metal. friends are good to have in any form.

  2. I believe you can meet good friends online too, I met a couple of friends from guild wars back in the day that I still game with :D. Happy b-day to your friend Brendan!

  3. My only friends are online ones and I wouldn't say they're any less meaningful than IRL friends. In fact, I find that it's easier to find people that you genuinely enjoy being around in the online world.

  4. I liked you mix more than Brandon's mix!

  5. One of my best friends is an online friend :D
    haters gonna hate, etc

  6. Happy birthday to your friend Brandon. And of course you can make friends online.^3^

  7. Great point Cpt. It sure is easier to find people who actually share interests with you online, in real life you're constricted by many things and often forced into friendships.

  8. Amazing post! Keep them comming :)

  9. online friends are good for socializing ... but an important thing about friends is trust and reliability, that's really hard to find online.

  10. >online friends
    I only know a couple of friends that I meet online prior to seeing them irl; it was pretty interesting when meeting them irl, since it made you realize how different some people are online and offline.

  11. Lucky dude cause that mix is sick!

  12. Keep up the mixing! This one turned out good

  13. This is really sweet. You two must have a great friendship! I believe in online friendships as well :)

  14. cool dubstep track, you should get into this

  15. Nice post, keep up the good work!

  16. I met a girl online and we got along really good for like a year and I actually flew from FL to TN to see her in person. The connection over webcam was a lot stronger then in person haha. But we actually became pretty damn good friends and still talk all the time.

  17. The only few friends I have are my online friends, and they are true bros.

    >And this is the mix that I made

    Pretty good. That "Bulbasaur, I choose you" sample was great.

  18. i have few so called "online" friends

  19. @funny pictures
    Wow it's a shame that dramatic moment meeting irl for the first time then instantly clicking didn't work. Good to see you're still friends though.

    The friends made online truly are bros, and thanks, the "Bulbasaur, I choose you" sample is my favorite part too.

    I find this is true but I've got to say I've known Brendan online for such a long time I have a pretty decent idea what he's really like ;) @marian I can trust this guy with anything, he's somewhat reliable too ;)

  20. Most of my best friends are online, nicer and more interesting, oh well!