Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lollipop Eater X - A challenge to Touhou players

Pop returns to his home planet and is sent on one last mission...
a mission that could determine the fate of his entire race...
Join Pop in his quest to save the galaxy! In this shoot 'em up massacre, you'll encounter thousands of enemies to fight off in an attempt to uncover the evil force bombarding the universe!
This game, Lollipop Eater X is a "simple" side scrolling shooter created by DSX. I put simple in quotation marks because while the game is somewhat buggy and pretty simple in theory, the game is actually incredibly well planned and executed, it's also FUCKING HARD!

So the game is a side scrolling shooter where you control a spaceship and shoot down masses of enemies that come your way. You collect power ups, fuel and popsicles and take down bosses. (Actually normally what happens is you FUCKING DIE because it's FUCKING HARD, or I'm just bad at these types of games, either way) So you pass through worlds which each have around three levels, there's 7 worlds and 18 levels. At the beginning of each world you get a password which you can use to start from that world, you will love need this feature.

Help page is helpful!
 The first complaint I had about the game was the controls, just some iffy things about the "go forward in menu button" not being the same as the "shoot" button, but other than that and the general discomfort of using shift to shoot, the controls worked rather well. Another thing to note is that I actually played with a 360 controller instead and I think this made it much better, I didn't use the gamepad option in the game however as those options were somewhat dodgy, it was easy however to set up Xpadder and I used that.
World 1 - The simple part I could actually take a screenshot of.
World 2 - Yet again, the easy part.
The next issue I had with the game was the difficulty, but you know, that's just me being bad at the game. I actually think it's a good thing it's so difficult because it's VERY rewarding to complete a world.
World 3 - The very beginning (I died)
The AMAZING part about this game however was... The MUSIC. The soundtrack used in this game was made up of songs from Sonic, Tokyo Xtreme Racer, Top Gear, Star Fox and Ocarina of Time game series. Now the thing about the soundtrack in X is that it fits so well with the levels. Each level has some sort of theme such as space, underwater, desert, jungle, city, cave and "some kind of limbo-esque place" and the music on each level fits very well with the level. The only thing I can think to compare this game with is Touhou in terms of the music and how well it fits, the soundtrack really sets a great mood for this game. (There's also a 'Sound Test' function in the extras where you can listen to all of the songs.)
World 4 - I couldn't beat this bloody thing right at the beginning!
The game itself is, while being incredulously hard yet simple, is very entertaining. I found myself ragequitting so many times (often due to small buggy annoying things like running out of fuel while flying away from the defeated boss!!!) but I still went back and played it because I really wanted to finish the damn game and the mood and progressive feel of the game is what does that.

World 5 - I really sucked at this game, shame I can't show you the hard parts
Even though there are these small rage inducing things, it makes it more enticing to come back and finish the game and oh my that feeling when completing the game! (Not like I was able to do it properly though, I was ecstatic completing a world.)

World 6 - The core! I soon discovered the floor instakills you.
Final level, this has the best mood somehow! (Music)

To get this game just go over DSX's page for it Here. The download is only 35MB and most of that is taken up by music so just grab it and give it a shot! I bet you can't beat it.

Also worth noting is that: Press F8 to make the menu appear where you can pause, insert world passwords or restart.
Also note that if you miss a fuel thing you're probably fucked, you get to know pretty soon which enemies you NEED to shoot to get the fuel you need to survive.

A challenge to Touhou players
My challenge to you is to finish this game, I think you of all people will be able to complete this game and I would love it if you would comment if you complete this game, as far as I know nobody has completed it in its entirety as of yet, be the first!

The sequel
It just so happens that work has begun on X2 and you should see that pop into existence in the future. Keep in mind that this game is the first full game created by DSX and the sequel will be like this, just without all the bugs and improved gameplay! (Also drop a comment if you think there's anything you'd like to see/see changed in X2)


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    Oh god... Side scrollers. Not good, I'm gonna send this to my mom since she likes these things. She plays Touhou.

  5. licking popsicles and taking names

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