Friday, 1 July 2011

Onani Master Kurosawa - Manga

Today I bring you an amazing manga recommendation that you really should read. Onani Master Kurosawa, aka Masturbation Master Kurosawa is a terrific manga that is full of an extremely meaningful story about life. Please don't be put off by the name Masturbation Master Kurosawa because it is not childish, ecchi or playful. This manga does in fact feature masturbation as a key aspect but it does so in a mature and meaningful way, this is not a manga to get off to.

The Character
The main character in this manga, Kurosawa, is your regular perverted introverted young teen. The portrayal of this character is possibly the most outstanding thing about this manga. In the beginning it seems that he is very similar to characters of Light Yagami (Death Note) and Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) with their wit and planning. As the manga progresses this character goes through significant changes and you could call this manga a coming off age story (or bildungsroman). The development of Kurosawa, the realism of his character and his character in general are all beautifully crafted. Another point to note about this character is due to his realism and the exquisite development of him, the reader will feel his pain, joy, heartache and hate, the mangaka who created this is truly a puppet master of emotion.

The Themes
This manga is not lighthearted, it deals with many issues such as bullying, honesty, seclusion, growing up, heartbreak, relationships, suicide, pervertism, blackmail, vengeance, sexual abuse and much more. The lighthearted seeming title (also referred to as Fap Note) can provide some serious misconceptions.

The Plot
The plot itself begins where Kurosawa is maintaining his daily routine in the unused girls bathroom before being discovered by a small girl Kitahara who suffers extreme bullying from classmates as well as a very active will for vengeance. Kurosawa who does not care for social interactions and who's only will is to continue his daily routine gets blackmailed into providing Kitahara with a sickening vengeance on those who do her wrong. This is only the basics for this story as it quickly becomes a very meaningful message over many important topics.

The Plug
This manga is an average length of 31 chapters and is in fact self published by the author. It is a terrific and meaningful read and I recommend it to anybody, please get past the title and the beginning of this manga, it just gets better and better and will have your emotions stringed up like a puppet. 10/10

The Images

Read it
You will not regret reading this manga, check it out here and search for it on BakaBT (under 'Masturbation Master Kurosawa') here.


  1. Looks good, and sounds good to me.

  2. One of those well known ones I haven't taken a look at yet, I'll get it now

  3. Definitely gonna check it out.

  4. i will check this out, thank you!

  5. Hmmm sounds interesting, I also like how sketchy it looks.

  6. I'd heard the name before, but I was put off by it a bit - I guess I got the wrong impression.

    It looks interesting from your review, so I might check it out now.