Monday, 11 July 2011

World's End - Game

Yesterday I was bored and somehow came across some very interesting music on Youtube. The song I found was The Offering Inferno - World's end girlfriend. I wound up downloading the album that this song was a part of, Seven Idiots, and the main thought going through my head was that I'd love to be able to use it as a soundtrack to a game, specifically an odd abstract game.

So I made one. Over the next day I worked on making this simplistic game and now it is complete I bring it to you.

World's End [Download]
A short, simple, abstract game where you control a player using the arrow keys. Your only objective in the game is to continue through the levels and reach the ending but I recommend taking the time to listen to the soundtrack. To reach the ending you may need to wander around and explore but you may find yourself repeating rooms or even seemingly repeating rooms, persist on and you will reach your goal. Obviously due to the fact that the game is made only because I wanted to use the music, I would ask you to play with sound.

Soundtrack consists of music from Saya no Uta Original Soundtrack and Seven Idiots by World's end girlfriend.

It's a tiny bit buggy and pretty strange but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Download the game from Mediafire HERE

Pssst. It's not actually very good.

Sound track: HERE 

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  1. Niceee, I downloaded it, just because I was interested in what a single person can make. I have to say, it is really good!

  2. Thanks Daan, I appreciate the support and I'm glad you gave it a shot and enjoyed it.

  3. Awesome! :D Gunna download it now, if I like it ill probably post something about it in my daily post later :)
    Love the blog!

  4. it looks great, but to bad you cant play it online

  5. thats an odd game. is there any way to listen to the soundtrack without the game?

  6. You can pick up the soundtrack here:

    Or you can get the album Seven Idiots - World's end girlfriend here:

    I don't currently have a link around for the Song of Saya OST but you might be able to find it.

  7. Nice, especially for something made in the space of a day. I like the soundtrack.

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  9. Very nice soundtrack.