Saturday, 2 April 2011

America's Greatest Otaku / Steaming Pile of ...

My God.

I could leave this blog post as just that and it would probably sum up my feelings pretty well but I suppose I should explain this to you guys.

America's Greatest Otaku, is an American TV show where they go around doing extremely anime-nerdy shit and instead of making the phrase Otaku more accepted as they are trying to do, "Otaku is not a derogatory word!" (they keep claiming), they are putting the word to shame with the kinds of people on the show.

Sure, people can cosplay and be really into anime if they want etc. But going on a TV show and acting extremely... Horrible... is just too far, and I blame the TV show not the people on it, do they have no shame?

Check out some of the horrors here:
"I've been studying Otaku culture since I was 8"
and the preview

It's a "shame" the actual show was removed from youtube, it's much worse, trust me.

Seriously considering dropping the title Otaku in my blog name now, I didn't think they would be this bad.


  1. It could be worse. Not much, though.

  2. that's too bad, i kinda like your blog name.

  3. Hmm, well I think I will keep the blog name. Just hope people don't associate it with these specific Americans...

  4. Its sad that they make such a bad image for "otakus" only making fun of them.

  5. I think you should stick with your blog name its good.

  6. I hate it when grown ups try to act like they're young. They don't know ...

  7. Keep the name and be proud of it. Don't let the status quo make you succumb to what they want.

  8. The very thought of a show like this just existing makes me sad. That being said, the blog name is okay, though after reading this I got an idea for my next post lol.